Sunday, 16 November 2014

ComedyCoup: One Comedy Show to Rule Them All

After days of agonizing and wrestling with this difficult decision, I know which ComedyCoup project should win and be accelerated into its very own show.

My choice for the best project ComedyCoup ever did see is:

There are so many reasons why Welcome To Tulip is my personal choice, the three main ones are the spot on comic abilities displayed by the Tulip Gang, the technical proficiency displayed with every video the Tulip Gang makes, and the twist on the classic small town theme that pervades so much Canadiana. Welcome To Tulip is set in a hamlet where the main source of income is a theatre that attracts the touristy element. Ever since Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock, written over 100 years ago, there has a proud tradition of satirizing the follies and antics of people living in little towns that dot our great nation. This isn't your average small town comedy though, the antics look to be hilarious. The writing and acting for Welcome To Tulip is top notch in the comedy department, which is important for a comedy show. The Tulip Gang will do anything for a laugh, including jump into the cold, cold ocean. These expert comedy stylings are leavened with great technical talent as the guys in the Tulip Gang know exactly where to put the camera and exactly what to do with it. Whether it's a scene that looks like a single shot, or horror angles and shaky camera that add a surreal element to the scene, Welcome to Tulip looks like a show that's already been airing for years.

Everyone must vote for Welcome To Tulip to win ComedyCoup, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and above all: vote and #BeFanatic for Welcome To Tulip!

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