Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Which Comedy is the Coupiest of all the Comedies on ComedyCoup?

If you haven't heard, at this very moment the CBC is holding a competition called ComedyCoup. In a nutshell, this is a sort of contest that a number of aspiring television show makers have entered for the chance to win $500,000 to make a half hour comedy TV show pilot (hence the name).

I love the concept for this competition, I've watched almost 200 aspiring trailers, and I must say, there have been some amazing shows submitted to ComedyCoup. So many that I would love to watch as a half hour television show. If I owned a production company, I would totally pick up a few of these and try to turn them into pilots.

A few of the shows I love include, in no particular order:

First of all, there is Dépflies, a show about people who hang out at the local dépanneur ("convenience store" for all you Anglos out there), it's like Clerks, but set in Montréal. If Dépflies wins, it'll be Canada's first bi-lingual comedy show! Another show that I am liking so far is Bike Cops. Set in Toronto, Bike Cops follows the epic adventures of the most fearsome squad on the force! Well, actually, it's about the misadventures about the most goofy squad on the force. Then there is Heir Heads, two lovable morons are set to inherit their dad's billions. That is, if they can earn a ONE MILLION DOLLARS (hold pinky to mouth) all on their own. One of the heir heads, Ryan Beil, totally reminds me of a Canadian David Mitchell. I hope we'll get to see much more of Humantown, even if they don't win the ComedyCoup. The premise of this show is that it is a wacky sketch comedy show were all the sketches bleed into one another. It looks to be funny as heck. Charlie And Yoni. #LifeAfter30. is a fun romp, it's nice to see an irreverent women-centric comedy. Just don't warn them about their title, they're well aware of it! I'm also pretty sure that making your title a hashtag is marketing gold. A small town show that will be huge is Welcome to Tulip. These guys look like they'll do anything in the name of comedy. Anything. Finally, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't mention Infinite Possibilities, (it's like a Canadian comedy Quantum Leap), Wharf Rats, (though this one might have too much man butt for me), and Roll For Damage, (why aren't there more DND related TV shows out there?)

How could anyone ever pick and choose which is best from amongst these comedy gems? This is such a hard choice to make. Though, I would have to say my personal top 5, again, in no particular order, (discounting the top 1, which I will blog about later) are:

I want these amazing projects to make it into the Top 5, but I do have a favourite. Soon I will choose my very favourite of the ComedyCoup shows and tell you exactly why I think it deserves to win the contest. Until then, bye bye for now!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Wendel! Comedycoup has been an insane ride and I'm sure it will only turn into something crazier with more limbs. Curious to see what your top pick will be

  2. No love for Geoff and the Ninja!! :'(

    1. Geoff and the Ninja is pretty damn sweet. There's just so many projects that I love that it's excruciatingly hard to tell which one to write about!

    2. Indeed, it is a crazy tight race! The final 5 is going to be nuts! Thanks for the nod in the new blog post!!!